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Olympics Mask for Jonas Hiller and Reto Berra

Olympics Mask for Reto Berra 28.1.2014
Due to the excitement
of the Stadium Series game, and the incredible feedback for our mask we made for that single game, we almost forgot to write about the Jonas Hiller and Reto Berra Olympics mask!

Reto Berra will be the first time at Olympics, therefore we thought we will make him a mask for a deep impact. A very unique mask we have to produce.
Since a few years Berra is playing with our brand, the RXS Daytona '68 Pro Custom Mask. This mask, as all our masks, is perfect for detailed designs. It has no vent holes, which are making the material weak anyway, and the elastics are inside the mask. Great space for designs!
Reto sometimes lets us decide about the design. Alec was drawing like hell till he came up with a sort of a 3D William Tell!
He should look veeery proud and painted in black and white colors. This gives a vitage look to the whole.
Zurich should be on the mask said Reto. So it was painted on the opposite side.
Wow, what a mask. What a great feedback we had already for it!

Design by Alec
Mask: RXS Daytona '68

Neeext Olympics Mask!

This time we have even three masks with designs at the Olympics!
Beside Hiller and Berra, there is Sophie Anthamatten at the start for the womens hockey team!

Olympics Mask Jonas HillerHillers Mask for Vancouver was already a jawdropper.
Some said it was the nicest mask at these games.
To create a even better one was not that easy.
But it was clear to go a step ahead, away from the pictograms.

And then there was the already finished, awesome mask which we made for Berra. There are not many Swiss motives which matches the Tell design, and which are getting the ok from the IIHF/IOC.
Very often we talked about to paint Helvetia on the mask.
After we did a poll where a lot of womens said 'Helvetia, but in real, away from this rigid presentation on coins and statues!' This was the go!

Choosing the 'right' face, body an hairs for a 'living' Helvetia, our female national personification of Switzerland, was really tough.
Not too old, too young, too skinny etc... We think, we have done it right. But you decide!
For us she looks proud and ready to stand for the Swiss Hockey guys at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

To accentuate this unique mask, we have done the earholes as last time, as two Swiss crosses each side!
Then there was
Marco who came up with the idea to make the mask black. Here it is, really classy.

Design by Alec
Flat/glossy finish by Dan
Maske: RXS Falcon '68 Hiller Edition

If you are interested in a RXS mask: RXS Mercury custom masks

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